Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stockton Ca., Set To Become The Largest US City To Declare Bankruptcy

Clue Queens "Another One Bits The Dust".....Yes Ladies and Gentlemen of these screwed up United States of America, the Nanny State of California has a city tossing in the towel, and can't pay their bills. Chap. 7 or 11 or what ever the chose. Foxnews.com

I almost forgot to add this..Financially Strapped Nevada City Declared Disaster.
North Las Vegas also can't pay it bills and employees, as they have more foreclosed homes sitting empty then occupied paying property taxes.

The long and slow slide to the bottom is still underway. But remember the words of our Idiot in D.C "The Private Sector is doing fine." He thinks we need more Government. Hell we can't pay for the Government we have now. "WE THE PEOPLE", are still getting screwed by this current administration in D.C.  Its going to only get worse before it gets any better.

I have read that the NBPP wants to shed "cracker blood" in Tampa at the RNC. IMHO, NBPP is the SS of the idiot.. I said back a few months ago that it was going to be a long hot summer. So far I have been right. Remember that old saying.."But Wait there's more"

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  1. Let them boyz in hoodies go to Tampa. If they want some, they'll get some. As I recall, the Governor refused to allow the banning of firearms specifically for the convention. So there will be plenty of good ol' buys packing heat. I look at it as an opportunity to "take out" some trash if they decide to start their crap and physically assault some "crackers".

    Mostly they are just talking their smack.