Thursday, June 28, 2012

New American Revaluation ??

Over the last few days the topic has come to the attention of many of us, a call for a New American Revaluation by a gent named Gerald Celente. He has reached out to fellow Americans and asked them not vote in Nov. He has appeared on with Alex Jones. After doing some research I have found both of them in my opinion to be Liberals acting like Conservatives. By getting Americans to not vote we will endure another four years of Barack Obama and his Liberal buddies. It is way too late in the game, to not vote. We need to honor those Americans all the way back to 1776 who gave up their lives in the name of FREEDOM, so we can vote. My parents used tell me "We are not voting because we don't like whose running". I use to tell them if your unhappy with who is in charge then you need to vote to change leadership.

I do believe that a New American Revaluation is underway. I believe it started within a few months after Obama was elected. The Tea Party helped launched the New Revaluation. Many of us have backed the Tea Party. However they have lacked strong leadership. Even some Liberals have claimed to belong to the Tea Party but this has been discovered as a lie. I don't have names or numbers to back my claim, for that I am sorry.

Today with the Supreme Court making its choice on "Obamacare" many Americans are happy and just as many if not more are upset. Americans are unhappy with Chief Judge Roberts, calling him names and such. Now if you stop and think about it, by him siding with the Liberals, did he not push us Conservatives into high gear to work harder to stop Obama?? Adding fuel to the fire so to speak of.

Added this AM. (8:25am) On his Fox News show last night, Sean Hannity was saying the C.J. Roberts had been under attack in the last few months by Obama's friends. He (Hannity) also stated that the flood gates of donations into Romney's camp was underway. This is not over by a long shot. Mr Romney has said his #1 job in January '13 is to ride us of Obamacare.
What is your opinion?? Remember we all are UNITED in the distrust of the current administration. Is this Part 1 ?? I am working on a post talking about a New Civil War....

Stay Safe, Stay Alert, and Keep Prepping.


  1. I say vote. Too many good Americans gave their lives for our way of life.

    1. We all need to vote, to tell those in D.C that "WE THE PEOPLE" are unhappy with their current games.

  2. I hope this puts the final nails in Obama's coffin, but he is a slimy animal.

  3. I say it does not matter who gets elected. Since this IS political silly season, you can count on most of their promises to be flat out lies. If Romney wins I will NOT at all be surprised to see him reverse course on ObummerCare, and many other issues as well.

    Plus you look at the FNG's last election, MOST of them promptly sold us out to the establishment.

    Duke, you are being VERY generous!!!

    Stephen, totally agree. I never miss one


  4. Well we all agree the IDIOT has got to go. I just hope not too many buy into the don't vote liberal trap.