Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sleepless In My Bunker

Another restless night. I guess this is part of the new normal for me. I get tired try to sleep and start thinking about everything at once. Start reading get sleepy, lay back down and it starts all over again. I think about being behind in prepping, about having or not having any weapons or the training in use of such.
I was looking at a Google Earth images of my Dads place in Northern MN. Trying to get the lay of the land. I have never been to his property, ever. I keep kicking myself for not being up there when my folks bought the land to help clear it, and get to know the area. I know more about the area around my In Laws old place then that of my parents. I start thinking about prepping and why I did not heed the warnings from my old friend the Air Force Captain. We talked at great length about prepping, saving gold/silver and spices, back in the day.
Was I so busy just trying to get by, that I was not paying attention?? How could I not see what was happening?? I always took pride in myself for knowing what was going on in the world. Was I that blinded by the MSM?? I guess so. I know I wrapped myself up in issues dealing with my job. I wanted to get ahead to make good money so I could give my family a better life. Could this be the trap I had fallen into ?? Is this what happens to us all??
I wanted to own a house, a place of our own. But I did not want the toys as much. I had seen couples get married and want it all ASAP. The house, cars, toys, traveling and keeping up with the "Jones".  How could so many of us become so blinded by reality?? These are questions that pop into my head every night. 
I pray every night, Am I not putting enough trust in God.? I know others feel the same way. Being out of a job for 3 years is rough. Financially, but mostly its the physiological hit so many of us take. I hear on the news that many are just giving up looking for work. The true unemployment numbers are much higher then what we are being told. Every large company wants to get bailed out by the tax payers. What happened to Free Enterprise?  Isn't that how the circle of life in business works.?? They say "TOO BIG TO FAIL" To me its more like "TOO BIG FOR THEIR OWN GOOD" 
I know I got side tracked, happens a lot. I stop and think back how did I end up here?? Anyway. Now is the time to act, for myself and my family. We moved to Florida for the warm weather and better health. Now I want, No, Its what we (family) wants. We want to go back to MN, again for our health. To want to stay alive. 18 million her in Florida vs 5 million back home. What was I thinking when I talked my family into coming down here.? Beside I feel like sometimes I don't live in America with all the fools around here who don't want to speak English. But that is another posting some time soon.
I know everyone is sick and tired of my whining about Florida, but hey that's what makes us Americans. So this will wrap up another posting here. I see I am approaching 50,000 hits. I wish I could say it was due to my writing skills, but that's not it, so many have a better gift of writing.  Any way have a great weekend, and remember to watch out for the black SUV watching us preppers, and the Occupy Zombies looking for a free hand out from the Feds.


  1. Rob, could you ask your dad if you & the family could move to his place for a while or even permanently and share the management of the property, get some livestock, gardening, etc? You may even find some employment opportunities up there, too. And I'm sure the cost of living there is a lot less than Florida.

    We're kind of in the same boat. Mr. H has been completely out of work since early Dec with nothing coming up for at least another month. We've been looking at moving out of state (CA) for about a year, too. But I truly believe that something will come up, Rob, so hang in there. You & the family are in my thoughts and prayers that something good will happen for you all soon! Best wishes to you all.

  2. He has just under 5 acres. A small mobile home. It is located in a rural area. Like I said I have never been their. My folks bought that land like 20 to 25 tears ago. I want the property for our BOL. My brother can have the 3 bed room house in the metro area.

    The land is on a river feed lake, with lots of raw land around. Plenty of trees for fire wood. Some neighbors, lots of other lakes also near by so fishing should be very good.

  3. It's tough isn't it, hind sight. I know you and the family will land on your feet though. You have a good head on your shoulders. You are not alone in falling into the "trap of daily life"....I did the same thing. Keeping you in prayers as you plan for the future.