Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Its Ugly Out There.

I just got back from taking my boys to work here in Cokato. Its bad. They are just getting out to plow the roads again. U.S.Hwy 12 the major - east west highway looks like the State has never even plowed. We did some shoveling, and its a heavy wet snow. Today is trash pick up day, and they didn't even show up. Our local road has not been plowed yet they may wait until late tonight or tomorrow.

I talked to a cousin who lives in the south metro area, south of the Mn River near Shakopee, and they had rain only. Lucky folks. our schools around here stated to close at 12 noon our time, 1pm eastern. All after school activities are cancelled. I think all evening activities are cancelled churches, night schools etc.

Things have been good here a little cool we went out and brought two rakes to clean the yard. Every last bit of snow was gone, until today that is.  We have been making notes of repairs and clean up inside and out. I want to get started on painting inside, but we may have to wait a few more weeks. Well folks that's all I have for now.

Remain At The Ready...Rob

P.S. All of this Snow is kymbers fault. She started talking about how spring was here, and she had started to plant.... evil grin....bahahaha

Photo Update April 16th 2014

No these are not reused photos. I took these about 15 min ago, when i took the trash out. Depressing right?? I know it will be gone by the weekend. I hope. Not planning to go anyplace but take the boys to work at 4PM.

Remain At The Ready, You never know if the BLM will show up claiming your on Federal land.

Are You Kidding Me ??

This is a current photo. Yes its snowing again. Once again they couldn't tell us how much we will get. They say snow for the next 12 to 24 hours. I know I haven't posted much as of late. The cold bug has it most of my family. Even my grandson Sammy was sick. Everyone is starting to feel better.

I have tried to keep up with everyone's blogs, and hope to catch up soon.

Stay At The Ready.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Windy In Kymberland

This video shows a jet moving sideways at an airport in Nova Scotia, (or as we call it Kymberland in honor of our friend Queen Kymber.) its that windy out. The ground crew loading the rear pit as no idea the plane is moving. Two rampers run out and one moves the belt loader out of the way so it won't damage the plane.

Stay Vigilant, and Remain At The Ready...........Rob   

Monday, April 7, 2014

The U.S. Military

There is always more to the U.S. Military then just killing bad guys. You can always count on them when you need them to help in a natural disaster, or help a family in distress with a sick child. 
Many folks are complaining about the family sailing who needed help from the Military. What about the passenger that gets sick on a cruise ship, or an ill or injured fisherman?? Who helps them?? The U.S. Military of course. I for one believe in a strong military.

Stay Vigilant, and Remain At The Ready...........Rob   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Showers Brings May Flowers

Ok so what does April snow bring?? A sore back from shoveling heavy wet snow. We got tried of waiting for the snow to start. They talked about heavy snow for 3 days. Well we ran, 20mi away to shop at Walmart. When we arrived, it was just starting to snow, more like a drizzle. After we finished shopping we came around the corner to the exit, I took one look outside, looked at the greeter and said..Yippy winters back. The old women had that look like sir what is your problem. LOL. Driving went down hill on the way back home. Our top speed was 25 to 30 all the way home. It took 45 min for a 25 min trip. No one was in any hurry.

I shoveled a little bit when we got home. Looked out side around 9:30 pm and and it was piling up pretty good. I went out at 3 am and shoveled because the boys should be off soon. I think we picked up around 7 to 10 inches so far. Driving around at 3:30 am this am was an adventure in its self. The city was just getting out to plow. The roads in our area had not been plowed yet. U.S. Hwy 12 was plowed when I was out shoveling, but by the time I was on the road it looked like the lows had not been on the roads for several hours.
Not my car, but it looked like this at 3am
The weather folks are telling us that we should be in the 60's by next week. The MN Twins baseball team has home opener on Monday. Glad I'm not going. They went from a indoor stadium back to an outdoor one. I thought they are crazy, but hey what do I know. I'm sure it will be cold yet.

Well everyone I am headed back to bed. I was up at 2:30 am to get the boys. They have the next 3 days off. Talk about happy campers. They still got in O.T., last week over 5 days they worked 58 hours.

Stay Vigilant, and Remain At The Ready...........Rob